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Strengthening your philosophical foundation and your spiritual and religious awareness can help engender confidence, faith and optimism.

Studies show that individuals who have a strong sense of values experience fewer emotional difficulties, are happier and live longer.   

  • DURHAM, N.C. -- A study on the health effects of religion among sick, older patients has shown that the stronger a person's religious faith, the faster he or she recovered from depression, especially if the patient was disabled or chronically ill, a Duke University researcher reports.

  • DURHAM, N.C. --A study of 4,000 elderly people revealed that those who went to church at least once a week were 28 percent less likely to die over a six-year period than those who did not, reported Dr. Harold Koenig and his colleagues at Duke University in Durham, N.C. 

  • DURHAM, N.C. --In another study conducted by Koenig of a randomly selected group of 2,000 people ages 65 and older in a primarily Protestant area of North Carolina, average blood pressure was lowest in those who attended church each week and who prayed or studied the Bible each day.

These health benefits likely occur because a spiritual and religious belief system is usually associated with a healthier way of living, and less abuse to one's body.

Join a church or synagogue. Enroll in a class. Pursue an individual course of study. 

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