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Self Help

In this section, we will offer suggestions that you can use to help improve your feeling of psychological and emotional well-being.  Various practices, techniques and exercises will be introduced that may help you reduce stress and anxiety; learn more about yourself; strengthen your faith, optimism, and coping skills, or perhaps just provide an enjoyable diversion. 

Dr. Tigay's Top Self Help Ideas:

1.  Education: Learn more about yourself and the world around you and perhaps you will discover what is holding you back from achieving your full potential.

2.  Relaxation:  Techniques such as meditation and yoga have been shown to reduce symptoms of anxiety, anger and depression.

3.  Exercise:  Exercise has been shown to reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression and insomnia.

4.  Values Development:   Strengthening your philosophical  foundation and your spiritual and religious awareness can help engender confidence,  faith and optimism.

5.  Creativity:  Develop your creative potential. Begin to express yourself in music, art or dance and you might experience increased self esteem, reduced anxiety and greater satisfaction in life. 

6.   Humor:  Find the humor in everyday situations. Learn to see the lighter side of life. 

7.   Socialization: Spend time with people. Find support. Don't isolate yourself.

8.   Nutrition: Reduce or eliminate "toxic foods." Caffeine, sugar and tobacco head the list of psychotoxic substances.

You may also want to try our Inner Peace software, which will help you work through issues that are troubling you.




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